120 freedom activists call for investigation into Ahmad Mola’s assassination




Yours Excellency Mr. Mark Rutte,

The respected Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,

You may be aware that on Wednesday, 8th November 2017, Ahmad Mola Neissi, a very prominent Ahwazi Arab political activist was assassinated in the City of Hague.

We are aware that your country is a peaceful nation known as the ‘Land of Flowers’,a home of prominent philosophers and artists such as Baruch Spinoza,Rambrondt and Vincent van Gogh.

Your country hosts the International Court of Justice and where many politicians, philosophers and artists have taken refuge throughout the course of modern history. In light of this heritage, the recent assassination represents a blight on our society and sad indictment on our humanity.

We, the undersigned, strongly suspect that the Islamic Republic of Iran was involved in the assassination of Ahmad Mola Neissi. Our suspicion towards the Iranian regime or its agents stem from the fact that since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, we know that the Iranian regime has been involved in the assassination of hundreds of Iranian dissidents in European countries. In this regard, we are aware that the Iranian Security Services and their Mafia are active in the Kingdom of Netherlands, as well as globally.

We urge your esteemed government to undertake an urgent and thorough investigation into the murder of Ahmad Mola Neissi with a view to finding the perpetrators and initiating prosecutions in accordance with the law as soon as possible. Furthermore, we request that the criminal and judicial process is conducted with due transparency so that the perpetrators are identified and named in order to serve justice and protect the lives of other Ahwazi Arab political refugees residing in the Netherlands and other EU countries.

We hope that any political and economic interests that your government has with Iran does not impact, influence or taint the criminal investigation into the assassination of Ahmad Mola Neissi and does not impede the implementation of justice.

We also hope that soon we will receive positive news that the perpetrators of Ahmad Mola Neisi’s assassination have been caught, identified and named in the spirit of transparency and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Abdollah Aref – Human Rights Activist

Abdulla Seyahoei – Baluchistan National Movement

Abdulrahman Ahwazi – Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement in Ahwaz [PADMAZ]

Abdulrahman Hetteh – Ahwazi Human rights activist, London

Adel Abdolrahim Sayahi – Ahwazi Arab Political activists, Australia

Ali Al-Saadi – Director of Ahwazi human rights Organization- Germany

Ali Alhajhousin – Syrian journalist in the UK

Ali Asghar Haghdar – Azerbaijani Author and Researcher-

Ali Eidan – Human Right Activist- UK

Ali Farhood Zidan – Ahwazi Activist and former political prisoner, Australia

Ali Saedi, Researcher of Ahwazi Observetory for Human Rights- London- UK

Amar Tasaei – Ahwazi writer- Norway

Amir Saedi Human rights activist- UK

Anouar Ouled Ali – Lawyer at the Court of Cassation, Tunisia

Ardalan Abdulahi , Kurdish Journalist- France

Avatef Asadian Falahieh – Ahwazi activist and poet – Sweden

Ayoub Saeid – Ahwazi political activist, Netherlands

Babek Chalabiyanli – Spokesman of Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization

Bakhtiyar Karimi, Political activist – Germany

Behzad Khoshhali, Kurdish writer and political activist- – Germany

Chaseb Hashem Heidary – Ahwazi Observetory for Human Rights- Kuwait

Christiane Yousif – Writer and journalist- France

Daaeer Chasep Mohamed – Ahwazi former political prisoner- Denmark

David Turpin Jr – Anti-War Committees in Solidarity with the Struggles for Self Determination

Davud Turan – Editor in Chief of South Azerbaijan Social and Cultural Studies Center

Dokhi Mohammad Alfhid – Kuwaiti Lawyer and the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union

Dr. Anwar Malek – Algerian Author and Human Rights Observer

Dr. Hamdan Dammag – Deputy Chair of Yamani Study Centre

Dr. Hassan Eid – Chairman of the Free German Syrian Society in Hamburg and Syrian Human Rights Activist

Dr. Jamal Eltahir Hassan Ahmed – Advocate and assistant professor University of Khartoum

Dr. Karim Abdian –  PhD Executive Director Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, Washington, D.C. – USA

Dr. Mohamed Alshekhili – Director of Arabic Center for Justice, UK-London

Dr. Muhydin Lazikani – Syrian Journalist

Dr. Smail Khalafallah – Lawyer from Algeria

Ebrahim Ahrari Khalaf – Kalameh TV Presenter

Elchin Yousefi – Journalist in GunazTV

Elham Saedi – Human Rights Activist- UK

Elmahjouby Khaled – Libyen Organization for Truth and Justice, Kuwait

Ensafali Hedayat – Journalist, GunAZ TV- Canada

Faisal Al-Turfi – Former General Secartary of Arab Front for Liberation of Al-Ahwaz

Fawaz Sahood Al-Enezi – Secretary General of the International Association for Rights and Freedoms- Kuwait

Foad Atiya – Human rights and political activist, Netherlands

Habib Mahawy – Ahwazi Activist, London

Habibollah Sarbazi – Director of Baloch Activists Campaign

Hadi Torfi – AlAraby TV Producer- UK

Hafez Fazeli Political Activist- UK

Hakiki Mohammed – Human Rights Defender, Morocco

Hakim Alkabi – Chairman of Karon International Foundation for Culture and Integration

Hamed Kanani – Ahwazi Journalist

Hamid Saedi – Ahwazi former political prisoner

Hassan Radhi – Director of Ahwazi Centre for Media and Strategic Studies

Helmet Maroufi –  Kurdish Journalist, Switzerland

Herman Hasani – Kurdish Journalist, Norway

Iman Muradweisi – Kurdish Norway, political activist

Irina Tsukerman – Human rights and national security lawyer (NY)

Isa Savari – Former Political prisoner and News Editor of Ahwazna TV, Netherlands

Jaber Ahmad – Ahwazi political activist and researcher, Finland

Jaleh Tabrizi Azerbaijani – Human Rights activist- France

Jalil Sharhani – General Secertary of Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz [DSPA]- UK

Jamal Obeidi – Ahwazi Journalist- UK

Jamal Poorkarim – Kurdish Political activist- France

James C. Kubik – Radio Free Syria

Jamil Wadi Mayahi – Ahwazi Poet- UK

Jomeh Yassin Sharhani – Poet and Ahwazi former political prisoner- Sweden

Kadhem Wali – Human rights activist, UK

Kajal Mohammadi – Iranian Kurdish Ph.D. Candidate at Carleton University in Ottawa Canada

Kathem Hassod Mojaddam – Student at University of Copenhagen

Layeq Moradi – Political activist, Denmark

Majedeh Saedi – Ahwazi Activist, Sweden

Majid Javadi – Member of executive committee of Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization

Manar Jaber Ahmad – Ahwazi civil engineer- Fenland

Mary Hassan Ali Rizzo – Human rights activist, freelance Journalist, Italy

Masaab Mohamadi – Journalist, UK

Mashallah Razmi Azerbaijani – Political Analyst- France

Mehrab Dadolahi Sarjov – The Campaign for an independent Baluchistan from Iran- UK

Mona Silawi – UNPO Project Officer

Mousa Sharifi Ahwazi Jurnalist

Mostafa Hetteh – Ahwazi writer- Canada

Mousa Mousavi – Ahwazi Poet and researcher in cultural affairs, Netherlands

Nahi Saedi – Ahwazi political activist- UK

Odeh Afravi – Ahwazi former political prisoner, Germany

Omar Abdulanezhad, Journalist– France

Paul McLoughlin – Editor of The New Arab

Professor Gill Leighton, York University, Human rights advocate, Director of the Iranian Refugees Action Network

Raed Baroud – Palestinian freelance Translator based in Scotland

Rahim Bandoi – Political Activist from Baluchistan-Iran, UK

Rahim Haideri – Ahwazi political activist and poet, Netherlands

Rahim Hamid – Ahwazi Human rights activist and freelance

journalist, U.S

Rahmatula Derakhshani, political activist– Switzerland

Rasoul Paybarsang – Kurdish Political activist- France

Ramazan Saedi Ahwazi Jurnalist- UK

Reza Ravandust, Political activist- Turkey

Ruhollah Moradi Qashqai – Chair of Gashqai Human Rights Defenders Committee

Ruth Riegler – Writer/Editor, Scotland

Saeideh Bentarif – Ahwazi Women’s Activist-UK

Sahar Beit Mashal – Human Rights Activist- UK

Said Baghi – Journalist, German

Saleh Kamrani – Lawyer and South Azerbaijani human rights defender, Sweden

Sam Hamad – Independent Scottish-Egyptian activist, and writer

Shayan Borbor Qashqai – Spokeperson of Gashqai Human Rights Defenders Committee

Shima Silawi – Ahwaz Human Rights Organasation [AHRO], Belgium

Shler Darwishi – Journalist, France

Shoaib Daneshpajuh, political activist- Germany

Taha Yassin – Vice-President of European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation- UK

Taher Mahami – Journalist

Tallha Abdulrazaq – Researcher at the University of Exeter’s Strategy and Security Institute and winner of the 2015 Al Jazeera Young Researcher Award

Togrul Atabay – Researcher

Wajdan Afrawi – Ahwazi political activist-UK

Walid Neissi – Ahwazi Former political prisoner, UK

Yaghoub Saeid Sharhani – Ahwazi political activist, Netherlands

Yaqoub Neisi – Chair of Ahwazna TV, Denmark

Yasser Assadi – Human right activist and founder of Ahwaz monitor website

Yosra Mohammad Al-Masri – Palestinian translator

Younes Shameli – Azerbaijani Journalist- Norway

Yousef Alawneh – Journalist, Jordan

Yousef Alsarkhi – Ahwazi writer and poet, Netherlands

Yousef Azizi Benitorf – Writer and the General Secartay of the Centre Against Racism in Iran- UK

Yousef Kor – Founder of Turkman Cultural Centre and political activist, Germany


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120 freedom activists call for investigation into Ahmad Mola’s assassination